Managing Health & Safety during projects can often appear to be a daunting task. At A-Tech Roofing Ltd. we have the in-house safety team with the competency, experience and reputation in safety performance that can provide our customers with the right Health & Safety Roofing solutions to protect your assets throughout your project.

At A-Tech Roofing Ltd. we have a dedicated experienced in-house Safety Team, led by a Certified Health & Safety Professional, which has created a comprehensive Health & Safety Program of policies and safe practices. Our Safety program elements are “built in” to our work and the execution of our safety program on projects is undertaken by our teams of motivated well trained individuals as a key element of our quality workmanship. At A-Tech Roofing Ltd., we take responsibility for our actions, both as a company and as a member of our industry; therefore we continually work to maintain a position as an industry leader in Loss Prevention and Health & Safety.

Our team of employees are required to attend and successfully complete Health and Safety training programs which meet or exceed provincial Health & Safety Regulatory requirements and best practices and standards in our industry sector. Our safety team members conduct hazard assessments prior to commencing work on projects to ensure that every reasonable precaution is taken in advance to protect our team members, the public and our customers from any loss. Our safety team monitors our worksites to ensure all the critical components of our safety program are maintained and that we continue to work in compliance with all safety standards that govern the workplace.

A-Tech Roofing Ltd. has maintained an excellent Safety record; however we believe safety is a journey not a destination, therefore we are continually working to find areas in which we can improve.

At A-Tech Roofing Ltd. we believe that a commitment to Health & Safety is a commitment to quality and cost effectiveness.